Our Spring Roll in perfect golden colour, filled with wok-fried Asian greens and vegetables, it becomes a flaky, crunchy appetiser.


The Halal Frozen Food Products Manufacturer at Johor Bahru
aseanis is the global brand of Yik Khang Frozen Foodstuff Sdn Bhd, a leading pioneer in Frozen Southeast Asian pastry snacks in Singapore and Malaysia. Our amazing treats have been used in 5-star hospitality, airport lounges and culinary establishments. We have devoted our research and development to ensure that our products faithfully replicate the experience of eating in ASEAN.

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Begin a fabulous meal with our tasty and delicious pastry products that simple to prepare. Your satisfaction is our guaranteed.

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Product Range

Spring Roll Pastry
Spring Roll Pastry
Our Spring Roll is the best friend of chefs, as it has the perfect golden colour and is not oily after frying. Filled with work-fried Asian greens and vegetables, it becomes a flaky, crunchy appetiser.
Puff :: Pie :: Empanada
Puff :: Pie :: Empanada
The Mango Pineapple Puff is filled with a combination of tropical mango and pineapple, suprising all dessert lovers with its tangy smooth texture.
Golden Ball
Sesame Seed Ball
Sesame Seed Balls are the must-have items on sushi conveyor belts, dimsum warmers, international buffets, cafes. To please consumers who craving for a crispy bite experience, it is coated with breadcrumbs or sesame seed.
A sweet traditional Malaysian/Indonesian snack fritter made from hig protein and high fibre cassava cooked with creamy coconut milk, caoted with crispy battered flour.
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